What are the possible causes of Aging and how to prevent it?

Everyone can never avoid the natural process of aging. However, there are ways to slow it down and helps you to reduce the risk of many disease that can include diabetes and heart disease. Aging is affected by some factors and sometimes it depends on each of an individual. It can be the environment or the habit and lifestyle of the person. Genetics has also effect in the aging process of a person. They say whatever you do in your early life you will suffer in your later years.

It means you must live a healthy life while young to have healthy later years. You should check your habits to see what can make your health deteriorate. The most common habits that they point that it should be removed is smoking and drinking alcohol. Possible causes of aging also are being exposed to pesticides and also the herbicides as we eat fruits and vegetables. But if you can eat the organic ones then it is much safer. As pesticides are not good then it is good to limit exposure to them.

Stress is one that makes a person age so try to learn to manage it. You should have enough time to sleep, maintain your healthy diet and also the harmful chemicals. Eat fruits rich in anti-oxidants. Coconut oil is recommended also for reducing the heart disease also the chance of getting high cholesterol. There are many websites that is about each of the causes of aging.